CeBioLabs CeBioLabs (CEBIOLABS)

Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Address: Visit BSScan 0xBFB8F92E8F3a9034019aC97fd9f85c6Dfb513834

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Launch date: September 28, 2022 00:00




CeBioLabs (CBSL) is a utility token to link blockchain technology to CBD and cannabis market players. The CBSL token will take over the B2B payment functions as a main part of the following systems:

* CeBioLabs SCM: Blockchain-based supply chain management system for cannabis and CBD products
* CBSL Marketplace: (Decentralized) Marketplace for CBD and Cannabis products and rights
* Blockchain-based Certificate of Authenticity platform for CBD and cannabis laboratory analysis

Producers of cannabis and CBD products, traders and other stakeholders can use our paid blockchain-based systems. Companies can only pay the user fees for the innovative systems and solutions in CBSL tokens. This exclusivity is further reinforced by the global orientation of the solutions and makes the CBSL token the focus of activities.

The CBSL token also has real benefits for private investors. The holders of CBSL tokens will be offered exclusive benefits in the numerous planned e-commerce projects.

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